Frustrated by rising overtime costs, struggling to resolve customer & staff dissatisfaction, annoyed revenues are falling.

Cloud Hound works with ambitious business owners in London & south east, employing five to twenty five, with a quarter of million pound plus turnover. Typically, directors, partners of professional services firms, accountants, financial services, legal cost accountants, venture capitalist, hospitality.

Cloud Hound Services

Cloud Hound Services

Characteristically a start-up with little or no money to employ IT staff. Their primary focus reliable IT support at a low cost. Clients understand downtime impacts productivity, customer satisfaction and ultimately revenue they want to control cash flow.

Their main focus for the business is sales and IT must support their staff to win and manage business. Staff need to let perspective customers know they are open for business and what they offer.


They urgently need:
• A web site.
• Email and mobile email.
• A basic accounting package.
• A way to present their company, products and service online.
• A way to record all information about sales, prospects and customers (CRM).
• A way to share documents and do so securely from anywhere.
• A way for customers to browse and purchase online with orders automatically routed through sales order process (SOP).
• A way to send and receive electronic documents (orders, invoices) preferably integrated to SOP with invoicing functions.
• A way to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) without major capital cost and do it quickly.
• A way to organise and run projects and keep time keeping records and record allocation of expenses to projects.
• An HR system with employee portal to record holiday entitlement, training records and videos.

Business case for cloud technologies

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