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Breathe Hot Yoga : The Yin to Their Yang

“My fiancé, Amber, and I own Breathe Hot Yoga a small hot yoga business located in Seattle, WA. Our first location opened in January 2010 in the South Lake Union neighbourhood. In May 2011 our second location will open in West Seattle. Amber and I are passionate about physical and mental well being both for ourselves and our customers.

“On weekends and evenings I work on our website … and think about how we can make our business processes more efficient and scalable. What is the best way for Amber to send me the teaching schedule so I can put it up on the website? How do we get on a common email system so staff can communicate more effectively? What recurring payment system should we adopt?

“At Breathe we know yoga and we know our customers. That’s the easy part. But for us to grow and compete in a growing market we must learn to leverage the right business productivity tools. I believe that Office 365 will help us to enable collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing between independent, free thinking people.

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