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Sharing increases productivity

Microsoft SharePoint in Plain English


Why use Microsoft SharePoint?

In today’s world forming specialist project teams is normal working practice. Occasionally team members are geographically separated and some team members with specific expertise may not remain members of the team for the life of the project.

You may be a single business consultant needing to collaborate, share documents with your client and their employees. Your client may be a small, medium or large organisation regardless of size you can learn from my experiences. 

Could SharePoint help you?

Not to long ago I was recruited to help build and test medical transcription software. The UK project team consisted of three people in the UK geographically separated. The software programmers consisted of ten core members living and working in India.

The UK and Indian team used email, instant messaging, and telephone calls as our main method of communication and when required the UK team flew to India to visit the programming team. As you can imagine team members quickly found themselves out of sync particularly when a programmer handed over to the next specialist. Each person found they were working with slightly different instructing documentation and versions of code and bug reports. Despite numerous attempts to unify documentation and versions of source code the project begun to slow and eventually to a halt. To resolve the problems the project was brought back to the UK for completion.

The application was successfully deployed some years ago and is still in use today but I cannot help thinking the project could have completed on time and within budget if our project management methods had been different. Of course hindsight is wonderful thing but without question today I would recommend Microsoft SharePoint Online to share documentation and to better manage workflows.

Can SharePoint Online deliver economic benefits for you?

An on premise SharePoint solution necessitates a server infrastructure. You have to purchase hardware and software you have to maintain and upgraded both hardware and software plus someone has to be employed to manage this.

An online solution provider buys, maintains hardware and software. They manage the patches, software upgrades.

These days I think of technology as an operating cost not a capital cost.

Technology should be like switching on a light. I simply want to be able to use, add or reduce my technology need as required. Software as a Service (SaaS) delivers this in the same way you pay your utility bill. If you consume more you pay more if you reduce your consumption you pay less. Perfect for todays project orientated way of working.   

A word of caution.

Online solutions are not perfect and don’t let anyone tell you they are but nor is an on-premise infrastructure.      


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