Cloud SaaS

When staying afloat is a problem…

Doouble Dip"You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out" – Warren Buffett

With the double dip recession confirmed in the UK, a lot of businesses are finding that the need to work harder and smarter in their businesses is critical to survival and prosperity. It is important therefore to remember one of the biggest reasons businesses FAIL is their inability to innovate business processes.

Change is a constant yet people fear change. When people are asked why they dislike change, they state reasons such as lack of control, change is imposed, we’ve always worked this way, the system works’ why change it. Quite understandable however ignoring a natural law has consequences usually the result you most fear.

Technology wisely deployed can deliver competitive advantage. So the question you should be asking yourself are you learning about available and appropriate technologies to reduce your costs and improve customer experience. The one factor you can be sure of one or more of your competitors will be and you won’t know your competitors have adopted a new technology until your customers choose not to use your services.

Spending a few minutes a week reading blogs, watching You Tube to better understand available technologies could make the difference between business demise or prosperity. One technology you should learn more about if you haven’t already done so is Cloud technology watch this 3 minute video click here.