Microsoft Office 365

Could Microsoft Office 365 benefit you?

Early last week a client rang me. My client has offices in the city of London he specialises in helicopter leasing contracts. Most of his clients have a triple A credit rating which makes formulating financial packages with banks straight forward. Unfortunately in today’s economic climate banks are focused upon rebuilding their balance sheets which means they not keen to lend to perspective clients’ perceived to be less credit worthy. For my client this can necessitate a great deal of traveling to arrange finance through government guarantees for example in one week Washington USA, Rome Italy, Paris France in four days. Naturally face to face meetings necessitates changes to PowerPoint presentations, Word proposals etc. To complicate matters further proposals are formulated by a number individuals with specialist knowledge. Inevitably documentation is passed around the project team for amendments, initially conference calls with documentation emailed to participants. Individuals work on their components and email back their updates. As you can imagine reassembly these parts can quickly become a nightmare particularly when it’s realised one participates amendments requires others input to be altered in unforeseen way. Further complications occur when further meeting changes the initial meeting findings.

What my client asked me is they a better way to coordinate workflows securely regardless of locality?

I suggested he review Microsoft Office 365 a replacement to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite in particular Microsoft Lync™ Online (connect with others through instant messaging (IM), video calls and online meetings.), Microsoft SharePoint Online to share edit the same documents and Microsoft Office Professional Plus – links desktop Office applications to integrate with Office 365 cloud services.