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Solution to sluggish PC’s

Soluto – Anti Frustration Software from Soluto on Vimeo.

Soluto – How to use Soluto Beta from Soluto on Vimeo.

Your Windows operating system offers a tool called MSCONFIG this tool enables you to do what Soluto does. The reason users choose not to use MSCONFIG are varied. Essentially the reason comes down to knowledge. Soluto solution provides an excellent safe user interface enabling users to better understand why their PC is slow.

Now users don’t need to call an IT consultant to fix their sluggish PC and if things go wrong users can revert back.

A word of caution please watch Soluto videos. Changing operating system load applications does require knowledge having said that Soluto provides excellent easy to understand advice, as to which applications should load and which ones can pause or manually load or not at all.

Note: The PC may have other issues affecting performance for example, insufficient RAM memory, failing hard disk, a large number of temp files (application shadow copies, system restore points, cookies etc.), spyware, viruses. To remedy these issues you may need help.

If you are frustrated with sluggish PC then Soluto is a magnificent easy to use tool to remedy your PC startup frustrations.