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How can you transition off Windows XP to a more modern operating system without disrupting your business?

What you need to know about the new Windows.

Windows 8.1 is ready to give your business the tools you need to meet your workers’ changing IT needs in a way that’s reliable, productive and secure.


Windows 8.1 is designed to deliver what today’s workforce wants, bringing new possibilities in mobile productivity, end-to-end security, virtualization and management advancements, and the business tablets you’ve been waiting for. Windows 8.1 is designed to deliver a fast, fluid, no-compromise experience for businesses; along with a user interface that responds equally well to touch as it does to a keyboard and mouse.


Windows 8.1 has what you need:

Manageable mobile productivity.

New features like Windows To Go give businesses new possibilities in mobile productivity. It’s a fully manageable corporate Windows 8.1 desktop on a bootable USB stick. It can allow employees to work from anywhere on any device with a USB port, while also helping IT professionals keep their organizations secure.


Dissolving business boundaries.

Enhancements with DirectAccess, Branch Cache and Mobile Broadband eliminate work boundaries while keeping employees secure.


Security anywhere.

Windows 8.1 has end-to-end security, with features like Trusted Boot, BitLocker Drive Encryption and AppLocker, enabling a more secure foundation no matter where employees are located.


Apps made simple.

Windows 8.1 makes it simple for businesses to use new apps to enhance worker productivity—and develop their own apps.


Seamless integration across platforms.

Windows 8.1 tablets are designed to deliver both mobile convenience and user productivity by running all the Windows 7 line of business and productivity apps. Windows 8.1 gives businesses the ability to manage and secure apps across multiple devices.


See what’s new and how it will change IT for your business.

Take a look at the many new features of Windows 8.1 that balance the freedom users want with the control and management businesses need.


Compare the features and benefits of Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8.1:



Windows XP

Windows 7

Windows 8.1

Multitask more easily

Browse the web easily and more safely

Find files and programs instantly

Open programs and files you use most in a click or two

Can use a mouse/keyboard to work

Fully compatible with 64-bit PCs


Run Windows XP business programs


Built-in defence against spyware and other malware


Help keep your data private and secure


Improved power management for longer battery life


Windows Store access for apps purchase


Mail, People, and other built-in apps


Support for both x86 PCs and ARM tablets


Snap multi-tasking to run two apps side-by-side


Upgraded Control Panel


Native USB 3.0 support


Better support for multiple monitors


Cloud Connectivity, App Model


Optimized for touch, works on touch and non-touch


Customisation of home screen


Retain your settings and apps on all PCs and devices


Ideal for BYOD workplaces


Bing Smart Search finds things across the web, apps, and your PC


Start screen with live updates


Faster start-up times


OneDrive—free online storage built in


Update to Internet Explorer 11: sites load faster and browsing is smoother