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Want to say goodbye to Windows XP

So how do you upgrade

Are you SME professional services firm with 5 to 25 users based in London & south east?


If your answer is yes then Cloud Hound can assist you.


First step analysis of current hardware and software. Initially a short telephone conversation helps establish your basic requirements. Almost certainly an onsite visit needs to be arranged. One to gain an understanding as to your current working practices and two how you wish to work in the future. For most small organisations the upgrade path is relatively straight forward. Purchase new hardware then install new software lastly migrate data to new infrastructure. Last step educate users how to use their new tools. If you familiar with Microsoft the learning curve is gentle as most users intuitively understand how to use their new software.


However it’s never that easy. The reason many of today’s organisations are migrating to a more flexible way of working. This necessitates a mixture of hardware, PC’s, tablets and mobiles. Some organisations allow employees to use their own devices. Convenience adds complexity. The main reason organisational data security requirements are paramount.


Thankfully Cloud Hound advice is free. Upon your instruction Cloud Hound will help you choose and implement the right infrastructure to achieve your business objectives.