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Property Maintenance App Demo

Contoso property maintenance app

The video posted in this article is an excerpt from channel nine
Microsoft Office 365 Developer Kick¬†Off Office 365 Developer Kick Off webcast and Todd Baginski blog article ‘Welcome to the New World of Office Development!

You may ask why?

Perspective customers often struggle to appreciate just what an Office 365 developer can offer them. Let’s be totally honest, you just want to know should you spend any time whatsoever looking into something that may or may not be advantageous to you.

If a perspective customer can actually visualise the potential then their spontaneously inclination to be dismissive maybe somewhat reduced.

More than likely they will want to know just a little more before they rule it in, or out. For example will Microsoft technologies work with their Apple tablet or Android mobile phone plus their laptop and or desktop?

In the video below, the questions raised above, may be answered. At least enough for you to decide whether this type of technology is for you.

The presentation illustrates a hotel property maintenance application.

The below images and narrative are a summary of the videos content.

Submit work instructions

Using an Apple tablet the property manager takes a photo and adds a brief description of what needs attending to.

He or she then schedules the job.

Schedules Repair with commentsThe maintenance person using his or her laptop (or desktop) checks their daily schedule.

He or she visits the room to undertake the repair.

On completion using a mobile phone he or she takes a picture of the completed work then adds a few comments.Schedule and comments on work

Finally clicks submit. The video ends there.

Throughout the entire business process, workflows, tasks, emails and calendar events are used to drive things forward.

However the work flow could continue. For example material and labour costs need to be accounted for. Possibly management reports require room availability and unavailable room costs. Perhaps reports might reveal some rooms have higher maintenance costs and possibly have a tendency to generate less revenue due to higher heating and cooling costs. I’m sure you can envisage beneficial automated reporting scenarios or links to other workflows you might have.

You may, just be thinking, an automated application such as this may delivery back office administrative cost savings? I couldn’t possibly comment as to the possibilities without you and me, first talking to each over the telephone.

The above is just the beginning of such innovations.