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Summary of food & beverage articles purpose

The purpose of food & beverage articles category is to assist you with the development of strategy issues, choice, and formulation, concerning the nature domain and scope of an organisation’s activities, and the evaluation of success.

The pattern of activities in strategy that lead to the acquisition, allocation and commitment of a distinctive set of resources and capabilities by the organisation, in an effective match with the challenges of its environment and from the management of the network of relationships with and between stakeholders.

The articles began with the introduction of the catering cycle a useful systematic tool to examine food service operations. The food service industry was scrutinised and sectors identified as well as the conflicting needs of customers and the range of operations focused upon satisfying particular customer needs. The article developed to explore the business environment using tools to analysis market threats and opportunities.

The paper develops to illustrate the need for the organisation to set and monitor goals, objectives and how quality management may contribute to food service operations. How customer, owner, manager objectives may conflict. And how a customer service specification together with a quality management approach integrated with a systems strategy may be a possible bridge between stakeholder differences.


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