Why organisations fail
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Why organisations fail

There is an appropriate saying that fits the reasoning as to why organisations fail ‘can’t see the wood for the trees.’  

Essentially groupthink prevents individuals from asking challenging questions. Of course it’s never easy to discuss subjects threatening livelihoods nevertheless survival demands you do. 

Darwin theory of evolution applies to business as well as animal life what is a profitable business yesterday may not be today. The only factor you can be absolutely certain of is change. Ignore change at your peril.

Of course your sector may be offering a product service few people want an example is Kodak and film. Kodak spent a lot of money researching and developing digital photographic, Xerox in the 1960’s developed computer graphic interface what’s now called Windows, they also developed Word-processing, Spread sheets yet both Kodak and Xerox failed to exploit their own pioneering work. There are many other examples.

However difficult it may be we have to ask ourselves, the why change questions? 

The reason so many avoid delving into such issues, ‘silos of interest.’ People perceive their jobs are at risk.
Mistakenly they feel its better to keep the product service offering as it is.

What has this to with catering? Take the blinkers off, look around you. Fashions in catering evolve and quickly pass into history. Learn to embrace change and become comfortable with change. Fail do so, then its just a question of time, before you find yourself looking for a new business or job.  

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Christopher Bird Author