Marketing food services
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Marketing food services

Applying marketing prospective every product service comes down two factors features and benefits.

These factors can be broadened to include satisfaction and experience.

Satisfaction may be defined as one or all these elements physiological, economic, social or psychological or convenience.

Applied to foodservice’s:

  • Physiological, satisfy hunger and or thirst or the desire for speciality cuisine for example a curry.
  • Economic, product service fits customers budget or perceived as good value for money. Other possible reasons, locality speed or style of product service.
  • Social, an event after work, family wedding, corporate function.
  • Psychological the desire to socialise with friends, family or the desire to be seen visiting a particular venue (to be perceived as fashionable by others). Essentially emotional rather than rational factors such as lifestyle, self-esteem are satisfaction drivers.
  • Convenience, you don’t want to prepare a meal or wash up so you buy a take away meal.

There two categories controllable and uncontrollable for dissatisfaction. The first the business owner determines for example the premises are cramped, run down and shabby. Staff not friendly they badly organised and trained. Factors beyond the control of the business owner may include customer behaviour, weather, transport issues.

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Christopher Bird Author