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Shock horror a business plan isn’t option

What distinguishes success or failure?

You might think a business plan improves the probability of success and your right provided you recognise the environment in which the business operates is dynamic. In other words you must be prepared to review and update your plan regularly and accept you may well have to tear it up and write another.

So what’s the point of writing a plan in the first place. A number of factors stakeholders (investors) will want to understand what it is you want to achieve and judge for themselves as to whether the business is feasible from their understanding of you and the business environment.

More importantly a business plan gives you sign posts as to your progress.

So where to you begin. There are many sources for developing business plans begin by reviewing the template example for this article. Certainly won’t be a 100% fit for your business nevertheless it will provide a menu of items for you to pick and choose. 

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Success REQUIRES strategy

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