Customer Service
Food and Beverage

The balance between service and resources

Foodservice operations are designed to deliver customer service.

They also have to balance the budget and in most cases make a profit which means efficient use of resources.

Customer service has five characteristics these are.

  • ·Service level – the amount of individual customer service attention each customer receives.
  • ·Opening times – what product service offerings are available during the day and or night.
  • ·Standard levels – for food quality, staff training, décor, equipment.
  • ·Service reliability – customer expectation regarding ‘order to service’ waiting time.
  • ·Service flexibility – ability to cater for specialist dietary requirements. Serve smaller portions etc.

Resource components

  • ·Materials – the commodities and the equipment
  • ·Staffing – labour cost
  • ·Premises – the number of customers that can be served.

The balance between maintaining service and high productivity should be clearly understood. For example a restaurant able to cater for thirty shouldn’t take bookings for fifty and expect customers to leave with a positive experience.

Customer Service and Resource Productivity

Success REQUIRES strategy

Christopher Bird Author