Staff your most important asset
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What’s the most important asset a business has?

Some will argue customers others staff. Ask yourself what attracts and retains customers to your operation.

Can a business deliver a superior customer service experience if the owner and or managers fail to recruit staff that their customers feel able to appreciate.

Make a mistake in staffing and the consequences can be devastating in terms of customer defection and loss of sales and profits.

Hospitality operations require staff for:

  • Beverage service
  • Financial & physical resource management
  • Food production
  • Food service
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • People management
  • Sales promotion
  • Supervisory management

Interpersonal skills are paramount. The ability to put people at easy, communicate effectively determines how the opportunity can be maximised. Accomplishing this requires a systematic and analytical approach.

Customer facing staff must present likable traits, a positive can do customer-orientated approach. A focus upon technological efficiencies sacrifices customer staff interaction.

Reduced communication may reduce up-selling opportunities or early chances of identify possible dissatisfaction. For example rectify short comings before they escalate and become emotionally charged and challenging to resolve.

Early problem resolution reduces cost and may lead to further business.

Enhancing human resource

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2 thoughts on “Staffing”

  1. Great article, Hiring in the restaurant industry is very important especially because of the high turnover. I think it is really important to try to take as much time as possible when evaluating candidates to see if they will fit into the culture of the organization. This is extremely important in small restaurants because they don’t have many employees so 1 or 2 bad hires can bring big headaches to the owner.

    1. I agree bad employees can destroy a business. Its critical to invest in recruitment and training even if training is just a nelly system (experienced employee shawdows a new employee).

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