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Operational and Financial Ratios

​The most of the common quantitative performance measures for a foodservice operation are the operational ratios and financial ratios. These may be grouped under six main categories:

  • Operational ratios
  • Activity ratios
  • Profitability ratios
  • Liquidity ratio
  • Gearing ratios
  • Stock market ratios.

The most common operational and financial ratios, the formulae for them and explanations of what the individual ratio can indicate are grouped under these six headings below

Operational Calculations Activity Ratios
Operational Calculations Activity Ratios
Profitability Ratios Liquidity Ratios​​​
Profitability Ratios Liquidity Ratios
  Gearing-Ratios Stock Market Ratios
Gearing Ratios Stock Market Ratios


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  1. Ratios are extremely important for understanding your restaurant’s numbers. Ratios can help you determine your restaurant’s health. They are just as important as the good old P&L.

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