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InfoPath – Office 365 Business forms (chapter 1)

​Every organisation uses forms. In some cases a form appears pointless to those filling in the form. They may well be right. Particularly if the form has been in existence for a long time.

However well constructed forms do add business value by streamline business processes. For instance you may own or manage multiple businesses in different geographical areas. You may have staff that transfer or new staff joining and you wish to manage HR procedures such as recruitment, training. You may wish to centrally manage multiple business units inventory, employees expenses.

The video below is part of a series beginning with a high level overview (more theoretical than practical). The video series attempts to answer the question you may have and you want an answer to right now.

How do you use your MS Office 365 tenancy to create business forms?

The following video chapter will provide an overview of a published form (our end goal). The objective being to illustrate to you the type of functionality Office 365 forms, offer. I MUST emphasis the videos focus is to show you the most popular form functionality.

Preceding videos will show you how you can configure for yourself each functionality demonstrated to you in the second video. Each video chapter will cover a single function only for example linking a drop down input to a database another video will cover text box inputs.

Naturally some presentations will shorter than others.

If you wish to learn more I recommend Gini Courter InfoPath 2013 Essential Training course. Wong A Tong InfoPath Tutorials and Solutions. There are many other resources for example Microsoft blog, TechNet etc.

Alternatively you want an Office 365 developer to build forms for you. If so then feel free to contact me.

Initial consultation are free of charge and with no obligation.

Christopher Bird Author