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InfoPath – Office 365 Demo Form (chapter 2)

​Welcome to the second video presentation in the series.

This video demos an F&B restaurant bar quality assurance form. The form illustrates some of the capabilities on offer when you use MS Office 365 SharePoint.

The types of business forms in every day use are far too numerous to mention here and let’s be honest in some cases, the reason as to why a form exists, may have been forgotten a long time ago. So my first thought prior to converting a manual form to an electronic format has to be, what business value, does this form offer.

Examples of forms
(I thought I’ll mention some of the types of forms I can
develop for YOU)

​• Service audit checklist ​• Event contract
​• HR employee record ​• Book Event Staff
​• Maternity leave ​• Reserve AV Equipment
​• Contracts • Inventory
​• New employee request ​• Budget / Financial
​• Training ​• Emergency Contact Information
​• Holiday Request ​• Travel Request
​• Expenses ​• Membership
​• Sick Leave ​• Benefit use request
​• Budget / Financial ​• While you were out

Some clients just want a manual form converted into an electronic form. However I urge you to take the time to identify whether the form is actually required or whether workflow changes could add business value. Doing so at this stage can be very cost effective. Naturally I’m happy to develop and publish online forms as instructed by clients. Nevertheless I have experienced clients requesting significant changes a very short time afterwards. The main reason they hadn’t realised their business processes had changed.
For me such a scenario is financially rewarding. However it’s not a satisfactory work experience. I consider it to be a failure. I should have been able to present to the client a more convincing business case for analysis. I hasten to add analysis isn’t necessary in every case. On occasions a manual form conversion into an electronic form delivers the necessary business value.

Christopher Bird Author