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InfoPath – Data source construction (Chapter 5)

‚ÄčIn this presentation I want to show you how to capture what the user types in two fields and merge the data into one additional single field. For example their first and second name. I also want the cell to be a read only cell.

My next objective is data validation for example a field cannot be blank. I want the user to type their email address. I
don’t want them to be able to submit the form without a valid email address. I also want to provide feedback, to my users, to let them know if they have inadvertently entered a typo error.

Finally I want users to be able to pick a restaurant name from an InfoPath drop down list. So my last objective for this presentation is to create a data connection to SharePoint list.

Linking two data fields into one field 0:30 minutes
Calculate, (merge) two fields into one for example first and second name into full name field.
Building rules to catch incorrect or missing data
5:13 minutes
Apply rules to display validation error messages to textboxes, when a user enters an invalid email address or no data has been entered (left) blank. A unique error message under each textbox is shown when incorrect input has been entered. The error stands out with unique wording and coloured red.
Constructing a data connection to a SharePoint list
12:26 minutes
You have a secondary data source that holds a list of entries; you want part of the data in the list – a name field, to be used to populate the items in a list box, InfoPath form.

Christopher Bird Author