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Office 365 – Sharing just got easier

This sort of functionality should end user’s frustration with document versioning issues. Just as importantly users should find this easy to use.


Do you recognise the situation, you understand the fundamental ideas of SharePoint. You don’t send attachments in emails internally, but they do. You send a link to a document to a colleague and they first create a local copy. Then once they have updated the document you get a copy (with the addition of v2 in the file name!).

I’m quite sure that a lot of people have never used Co-Authoring in Word while this is one of the best features ever in word.

Have these issue been resolved? No. But did my Sharing just get easier? Yes.

Today when I started Word I got the following message after the latest updates were installed.


With these latest updates in Office there is a new feature behind the Share


The Get a sharing link now gives two links creation buttons.


The first optiuon is Edit link and the second option is View-only link

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