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Your ambition has objectives

As a small business owner, you need to know whether your objectives for the business are on course to being realised or perhaps changing circumstances require you to change direction?

Dashboards are all about you achieving your objectives for the business.

Cloud Hound Can Help You

If you want to transform your data into meaningful information, but you’re busy and you don’t have enough time to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills… you’re in the right place?

Everything I do, I believe in challenging the status quo. The way I challenge the status quo, is by making simple compelling, beautifully designed, user friendly business dashboards. I believe in thinking differently. I just happen to create and produce great, Microsoft Business Intelligence dashboards, for clients, wanting to better manage their business.
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Claudia Crawley
Andy Lowe

The Journey

Cloud Hound began as a IT support solution provider for small business owners. There was demand for a personalised, easy-to-use support solutions at a reasonable price with a market that lacked options.

To this day, the mission remains on fulfilling the needs of customers. Listening to users provides feedback to guide development.

Since the Start

Over the years, IT has experienced drastic transitions. The latest transition has been cloud services. This model provides a more consistent and stable experience for users.

At this point, the goal has been set to help customers to intelligently automate data gathering and presentation. The objective being to empower customers to make better use of cloud services.

Who Am I?

Having worked in hospitality for more years, than I care to think of, predominately five star, London UK hotels and in Australia. I’ve organised and overseen corporate and social event projects, for example, the first Hopman cup tennis tournament, the first world cup dinner dance. Both were televised and catered for thousands.

I know you are asking yourselves how does that experience have any relevance to business intelligence?

That’s a very good question.

Above all the client’s outcome for an event needs to be clearly understood by all. If individuals or teams have their own agenda, it’s inevitable things will go wrong. Hospitality requires strong customer service skills, teamwork and systematic attention to detail.

The very skills I bring to data dashboard project.

My transition from hospitality into IT begun when I completed my Open University, Masters in Business Administration. I’ve always taken a systematic approach to life and I like, taking things apart, to better understand how it all works and then, put all back together again.

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